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Student Athlete Development Workshops

Student Athletes gain awareness of what their identity looks like outside of their sport, strategies for self improvement, and confidence to execute their goals through our interactive, discussion based workshops. We focus on the internal so the external can make more sense.


Athletic Identity 

  • Who are you outside of the jersey?


  •  Establishing your own core values.

Brand Building

  • What legacy do you want to leave behind?

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Staff Training Workshops


Throughout our time working in athletics and as Student-Athletes, we noticed a major disconnect between the staff and Student-Athletes.  We want to create a cohesive environment that is both conducive to the development of the Student Athlete and the efficiency of the staff’s role


Bridging The Gap: Student-Athlete Identity

  •  Learn how to meet Student-Athletes where they are at.

  •  Learn how to generate greater buy-in from Student-Athletes.

  •  Gain insight on how a Student-Athlete thinks.

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