#1 Student-Athlete Development Workshops

Who: HS and Collegiate Student-Athletes

Why: Student-Athletes gain awareness of their platform, strategies for self-improvement, and confidence to execute their goals through our interactive and discussion based facilitation


- Who am I?: Athletic identity before, during, and after the jersey

- What do I stand for?: Establishing Core Values, Understanding who/what to surround yourself with

- How do I represent myself?: Building and maintaining your own personal brand

#2 Staff Training Workshops

Who: Senior administration, Young professionals, Coaches

Why: Throughout our time working in athletics and as Student-Athletes, we noticed a major disconnect between the staff and Student-Athletes.  We want to create a cohesive environment that is both conducive to the development of the Student Athlete and the efficiency of the staff’s role



Bridging The Gap

- Receive unique perspective from former Division 1 Student-Athletes 

- Learn how to generate greater buy-in from Student-Athletes

- Gain insight on how an athlete thinks