Our mission: To empower student-athletes to use their platform to enhance them, not define them


WalkOn Nation is fully invested in Student-Athlete empowerment and enrichment through a holistic development approach


“I must admit that this class session was definitely the most beneficial, effective, and fun class yet. We learned a lot from WalkOn Nation but what was the best part, is that the fact we actually learned so much about ourselves as human beings.”


Texas Tech Men's Basketball Athlete

“I really enjoyed the visit from WalkOn Nation, because they didn’t treat us like “just athletes”. They helped us to dive into ourselves and realize our self-worth, and who we are outside of our various sports


Texas Tech Women's Basketball Athlete

“My favorite part of the whole presentation was how real they kept it. The whole presentation was something I needed to hear. I will definitely be taking what I have learned from them on with me through my football career and life itself"


Texas Tech Football Athlete

“Our staff had nothing but great things to say about WalkOn Nation and they’re presentation. We really enjoyed how they kept it real but were also professional at the same time.”



Sierra Solomon Academic Coordinator, NC State

Coach Jermel Jones, Masters Academy

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