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Student-athletes struggle with athletic-identity, both in and out of their sport. This struggle leads to an unfulfillment in their lives that leaves our athletes lost. WalkOn Nation specializes in assisting athletes with their athletic identity to help them realize who they truly are outside of their sport. Through our interactive workshops we will show the athlete that they are ENHANCED and not defined by their athletic status.


I must admit that this class session was definitely the most beneficial, effective, and fun class yet. We learned a lot from WalkOn Nation but what was the best part, is that the fact we actually learned so much about ourselves as human beings.


Texas Tech Men's Basketball Athlete

Our staff had nothing but great things to say about WalkOn Nation and they’re presentation. We really enjoyed how they kept it real but were also professional at the same time.                                                           





Sierra Solomon Academic Coordinator , NC State

My biggest takeaway was establishing my identity before someone else tries establishing it for me. I also took away that I need to simply impress myself and not let people around me. I need to place value in more than my sport

WashU Soccer Student-Athlete

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