What is WalkOn Mentality?

What is WalkOn Mentality?

Knowing that you have to outwork everyone around you in everything you do, everywhere you are, at all times.  It’s taking everyone else’s excuses, why they can’t, and turning them into reasons why you should. Quitting isn’t an option. 

This mentality all boils down to believing in yourself and knowing who you are and what your value is. Believing that no person, place, or thing will EVER stop you from achieving your goals; and NEVER allowing these factors to define you.

Understanding that you WILL make it in the “building." Whether you have to kick the door down, open the window or break through the wall. You WILL succeed, no matter what.

You will not be stopped.

It isn’t something you can learn or practice. Either you have it or you don’t. 

That is the WalkOn Mentality!

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