February- Sean Beckton

“My experience as a walk-on to a scholarship athlete was a tough and great journey. I wanted to give up football but my dream as a kid was a chance to play in a game as a knight.”

Sean Beckton held on to 4 things to keep him going. He didn’t want to disappoint: himself-as a man, his family, his girlfriend-now fiancé, and his teammates. “I knew I had to enjoy the grind and obstacles 1st to earn my way up. So I had to keep pulling through knowing anyone would love a chance to play D1 football.” It was this mentality that kept him on track to achieving his goal. Not many people have the mental toughness and drive to keep chasing their dream, even when it doesn’t seem possible.

“One day after spring ball, Coach O’Learly approached me near the football office stating how much improvement he has seen in me and right then and there he shook my hand, offering me a scholarship." All the hard work and determination to have a chance to get on the field paid off and I knew my experience helped me to be strong minded and humble in the real world after college.” Beckton currently serves as the Strength & Conditioning Performance intern for University of Nebraska football.

Let being an athlete enhance you, not define you.

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