June- Andrew Capirchio

Born and raised in Fountain Hills, AZ, Andrew Capirchio walked on to the Scottsdale community college football team, transferring to Concordia University, St. Paul as a redshirt junior. He graduated as a team captain.

"Being a walk-on taught me many skills that have carried over directly into my professional career. As a walk-on you become comfortable being uncomfortable. Everyday is a competition- on the field, in the classroom, and in life. Being uncomfortable pushed myself to have ambitious goals and become accustomed to rejection and failure as well. The important point during my career as a walk-on is that I never gave up and I learned through each of my failures.”

"I will continue to carry this with me through my professional development and new journey."

Capirchio is a Program Coordinator for the Minneapolis Public Schools Afterschool Care program. He is the Founder of the Blessed to Announce Project and author of “Blessed to Announce," a book about navigating the transition from high school to college as an athlete.

This walk-on has a passion for developing young student-athletes and all those around him. And he shows no signs of stopping!

Let being an athlete enhance you, not define you.

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