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Updated: Nov 1, 2019

“Being a walk-on means the world to me because it creates a work ethic and level of commitment that I didn’t know I possessed. As a recruit, coaches expectations are higher because they brought them in. As a walk-on, you have to put yourself in positions to succeed so that you are noticed by the team and coaches.”

Mykal Manswell is a former Walkon from West Virginia University. After being dismissed from the team without explanation or second chance, Manswell used his anger as motivation to succeed at a high academic level. "I carry the same mindset as a working professional and I can’t wait to continue mold the mind of athletes into confident and dominate players.” Although his playing career was cut short, and he experienced some unexpected adversity, Manswell is a great example of how being a WalkOn is a lifestyle, not a temporary title.

After graduating from WVU, he was an assistant physical conditioning coach at IMG in Bradenton, Florida. He is now pursuing his Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Robert Morris University.

Let being an athlete enhance you, not define you.

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