December- Kyle Coltrain

To wrap up our first year of spotlights, we present to you one of the grittiest, and hardest workers we have ever had the pleasure of being teammates with... Kyle Coltrain.

Kyle is the type of teammate that outworked everyone for sport and asked questions later. Love him or hate him, he demanded your absolute best in all that you did.

Take a dive into Coltrain's story and mindset as a Walk-on--

"Being a WalkOn is not a just a phase of my playing career; being a WalkOn is a way a life - a mentality.  It is carrying a constant chip on your shoulder, knowing that you weren’t the first pick.  Your back is against the wall, and you need to prove yourself every day.

Being a WalkOn taught me resilience.  It takes relentless effort and mental toughness to be a WalkOn.  The lessons I took from my playing career, I utilize in my business career and personal life constantly.

It is a choice to WalkOn.  You have a choice every day when you wake up to continue to carry the WalkOn mentality. 

I am now getting my MBA from The Kelly School of Business at Indiana University.  I work in the Trucking Industry for a company called Dickinson Fleet Services. I work in Business Development and Marketing for them; and have several other business ventures as well. I am married and living in Indianapolis, IN.  I have a son, Mack, who is almost two; and my wife is pregnant with identical twin boys - due in February. "

Coltrain, thank you for the example you set for us and everyone around you. You set the standard that allowed us to succeed!

Let being an athlete enhance you, not define you.

#WalkOnNation #walkonmentality #UCFfootball

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